Member Spotlight

Get to Know Our Members – Flo Paulin

Name/Location and any other credentials/background that you would like to provide:

My name is Flo (Brown) Paulin and I live in the village of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin; which is located about midway between Sheboygan and Port Washington, on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

How long have you been researching your family tree?

Since 2008.

Who is your favorite ancestor?

My grandmother Leota Servis Nyman 1907-1995. She was generous, fun, and kind.

Describe one of your brick walls.

I haven’t been able to find the parents of my 3rd great-grandfather, Thomas Servis, born in Canada, abt. 1919, who had ties to Porter, Youngstown, and Lewiston in Niagara County.

What are some of the surnames in your family tree that lived in our Western New York area?

Turner, Servis, Luick, Nundy, Boner

What are some of your favorite online resources?

The online resource I use the most is

What are some of your favorite local resources?

County offices – most have been very accommodating.

Have you had you DNA tested? If yes, which websites?

Yes, through 23andMe. I had the pleasure of meeting a new cousin from a line of my family that has been challenging as far as finding info.

What is some advice that you would share with a beginning genealogist?

When using trees from online sources you may have to do some verifying of facts listed – I have found mistakes. Visiting cemeteries and obtaining obituaries are good ways to fill in blanks you may have in your tree.


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