NCGS library notes

Volunteers Needed for a Library Work Day!

Saturday, February 15th

1pm – 4pm

Niagara County Genealogical Society Library

215 Niagara St., Lockport

The Niagara County Genealogical Society (NCGS) is looking for volunteers for an afternoon to help us create some guides for our library. We would like our guides to list our library holdings in certain collections (ex: cemetery books, yearbooks, church records, etc.). These guides could then easily be accessible to patrons of the library and also placed on our website for researchers planning a visit.

We would like to create our guides similar to ones that the Grosvenor Room has in the Buffalo Public Library. You can click here to see an example:

What’s involved? We would like to start with our cemetery books. We need for each book to be looked through and then report the name of the cemetery, where it is located, and the range of burial years that are listed (ex: 1862-1944).

Many hands make light work! If a good number of volunteers attend, we could easily accomplish one library guide, if not two!!

Please join us! We promise to play fun music and have treats!!

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