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Stories of Residents of Glenwood Cemetery

On June 29th, 2019, the Buffalo News published an article about the financial difficulties of Glenwood Cemetery in Lockport, NY.  You can view the article here:

Our NCGS Chairman of the Board, Shelley Richards, is now writing a book that features historic Glenwood Cemetery.  Shelley recently authored a similar two-volume set on St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Lockport, NY.

Shelley is requesting articles from family and friends about Glenwood Cemetery residents.  Please keep submitted stories under 400 words.  It is suggested that each story focus on a single person or, preferably, a couple.  Shelley reserves the right to edit the submitted stories to fit the format of the book.  

Up to two photos can be submitted with each story.  Historical photos without stories can also be submitted and photo credit will be given in the photo section of the book.  

The book will include chapters of the stories, the cemetery history, special places in the cemetery, as well as maps of the various sections.  There will also be color photos of some of the outstanding monuments and mausoleums located thought out the cemetery.

As with her previous two-volume St. Patrick’s Cemetery books, Shelley is going to donate her portion of the proceeds from book sales to the Glenwood Cemetery Association to assist them with their current financial challenges.  She will be assisted by Lockport resident Mary Ann Cutter.

The book is tentatively scheduled for publishing in late summer/early fall 2020.  You can submit your stories and photos to Shelley at until February 15th, 2020.  If you need any assistance creating your story, please contact Shelley at that e mail address and she will send you a sample biography to use as a guide.


Here is the story that I (Jeanette Sheliga) submitted on behalf of my step-dad, Thomas Brauer.  Arthur Brauer was his grandfather:

Arthur W. Brauer was born in Lockport, NY on 12 Feb 1895.  He was the son of August Brauer and Minnie Greenwald who both immigrated to this country from Germany.  He grew up on the family farm on West Jackson Street in Lockport.

He married Esther M. Siebert on 2 Jun 1917 in the Town of Clarence, NY.  She was the daughter of John Siebert and Pauline Nagel and was born on 23 Jul 1897.  Arthur and Esther had 3 boys: Arthur Jr. (1918), Warren (1920), and Donald (1923).  

Over the years, Arthur worked both as a laborer and a farm laborer.  When he was younger he worked at Alum Soapalite Works.  His last job was for the International Railway Company.  On 24 Jun 1928, he got his foot stuck in a frog of a railroad switch and was struck by a train.  He died from his injuries at the young age of 33 years old. 

Pictured are Arthur Brauer and Esther Siebert on their wedding day:

Contributor: Jeanette Sheliga of Lockport NY is Vice-President of the Niagara County Genealogical Society, Organizer of the North Tonawanda Library Genealogy Club and a member of APG (Assn of Professional Genealogists)

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