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Society Archives

The following is an article from one of our Niagara County Genealogical Society Newsletters:

October 2003 Issue #4 Volume #25 DOCTORS OF PEKINĀ 

Source: History of Pekin. Norman Peirce, 974.79 Pek, NCGS Library

Dr. Abraham Hodgeboom lived in Pekin 1837 or earlier. B. 17_ d. May 21? 1849 m. Bata _ Born 1722 d. Mar 7, 1848 ch. Ann lived in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Ind.

Dr. Isaac S. Kidder lived in Pekin various places b. 1796 d. __ m. Elizabeth

Dr. Alfred Poole 1888 lived in Pekin in Eggleston’s house (2998 Upper Mtn) 1870 office in front corner.

Dr. W C Earle 1866-70 Had office ncar Cronkite Tavern 1866 when it burned. M. Agnes __ dismissed from ME Church Jul 4, 1874 lived in Chicago in 1874.

Dr. Clinton Sage Office in rear of home (2965 Upper Mtn) moved to Buffalo later.

Dr. Emmet Pyle? joined N C Med So in 1872 – moved to Mich.

Dr. Walter McChesney 1896 lived in Brosie house 1900 (2975 Upper Mtn). m. Apr I, 1901

Dr. John Foote 1860s Office across from ME Church 1864 m. Mary Jane Foote? Harriet V Foote d. Aug 1855 Who?

Dr. Robt R. Fitzgerald 1901 after McChesney – Pekin a short time then Sanborn.

Dr. Myron Orton 1832-18_ One of first doctors, coming from VT and built house on north cast corner of Townline and Lower Mtn Rd (2967 Lower Mtn) – first president of Niagara County Medical Society.

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