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Society Archives

The following is an article from one of our Niagara County Genealogical Society Newsletters:

September 1998

Issue #3

Volume #20


On the north side of Ridge Rd., where the tracks for the Niagara Falls/Lake Ontario Railroad crosses over and continues down thru Model City is the old Leander K. Scovell buring ground. In an open field behind the barn sits this 140 year old cemetery. Surrounding the stones is a stone fence with a hand-wrought gate that still swings freely on its fossilized large stone posts. Inside the fence are nine visible grave markers and seven readable foot stones. The earliest buriel date found was 1839 and the last, Leander K. Scovell died 1887. Leander and his son Leander W. have long since been removed to the Lewiston Cemetery behind the Presbyterian Church.

1. small stone – SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF ALICE EVANS, DAUGHTER OF BENJ. AND SUSAN EVANS D. June 9, 1839 15 yrs 6 mo footstone (recording #1 & #2 say 31 May)

2. broken stone – L. K. Scovell Died Aug. 22, 1887 70 years footstone L.K.S.

3. broken stone – Leander W. Scovell Born Aug. 7. 1846 Died Aug. 17, 1872 footstone L.W.S.

4. Large stone – SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF BENJ. E. EVANS WHO DIED NOV. 24, 1839 53 yrs footstone B.E.E.

5. Large Stone – ANN EVANS died October 22, 1840 82 yrs Footstone A E

6. Large Stone – JUDITH EVANS Died April 2, 1843 60 yrs Footstone J E

7. Large stone – JOSEPH EVANS SON OF LEANDER AND EMILINE SCOVELL Died May 3, 1844 16 mo 68 days

8. Large stone – BENJAMIN WAYS Died Dec. 22, 1860 Footstone B. W.

9. Small stone – MINNIE A CHILD OF AGE 67 yrs

This cemetery is on private property owned by Mr. Kerion of Corona del Mar, Calif. The land recently has been offered for sale.

Recorded Oct. 1983 by Dorothy Rolling & Donald R. Jerge

Here is the cemetery on Find A Grave:

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